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Join and become part of a growing team of amazing people from all over the world, helping and inspiring each other every day. 

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With us, you can work from anywhere. Whether it is at home, on a tropical island, or while traveling with the Evenant team.  

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Follow your passion, whether it is being a freelance designer, traveler, online marketer, entrepreneur or anything else. 

Course Creator

Want to help people by sharing your skills and knowledge, while earning money and being a part of a growing global team? We are always looking for new amazing people to join us as content creators for our online academy. Get in touch and tell us who you are! 

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Want to make some extra money online? We give affiliates 30% of the revenue when referring a sale. Perfect if you want to recommend our courses to friends, or promote it to your existing online following. It's easy: Sign up, get your unique links, share them - and you're good to go. Every time someone buys from your link - you'll get 30% of the revenue sent to your PayPal. So if that dude on your blog signs up for a 210$ course - you've made 70 bucks. Slick. 

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Whether you're a talented graphic designer, copywriter, marketing specialist or any other passionate and cool individual - we're always looking for more people to enrich our growing global team with knowledge, skills and good vibes. 


Get real life work experience and training as an intern, working with and assisting our professionals on bigger and smaller projects in both music, design, marketing, entrepreneurship and much more. Hit us up and tell us about who you are and what you do - and we'll try finding an internship opportunity for you!